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South Africa Puts Germany onto the List of High Risk Countries

The Government has revised the list of high-risk countries based on a risk categorization model and Germany is included on the list. As a result, Visa Exemption has been withdrawn for people intending to travel to South Africa for holiday purposes until further notice. 

Any person, from a country listed as having a high COVID -19 infection and transmission rate, who wishes to undertake a business travel into the Republic may, in writing, apply to the Minister of Home Affairs and demonstrate reasons for his or her request to enter the Republic for business purposes during the period of the national state of disaster.

An application must be made by email: Covid19BusinessTravel(at) and supported by-

  • a copy of passport and /or temporary residence visa;
  • proof of business activities to be undertaken in the Republic;
  • proof of travel itinerary; and
  • proof of address or accommodation in the Republic.

Any person who is allowed entry into the Republic will be subjected to the prescribed screening procedures and isolation or quarantine rules, as the case may be, which include:

  • provision of a valid certificate of a negative test which is not older  than 72 hours from the time of departure from the country of origin to South Africa; and
  • in the event of failure to submit a certificate as proof of a negative test, such person will be required to quarantine at his or her own costs.
  • Proof of travel insurance is a requirement.

How to apply for a visa:

  • The requirements are available on
  • Applicant is required to submit a fully completed application by post with all required documentation.
  • Applicant will be contacted for an interview upon receipt of application by the Embassy/Consulate.
  • An incomplete application will not be accepted and will be returned to the applicant immediately. The onus is on the applicant to ensure the application is complete.

Here is the latest list of high risk countries

Feiertage 2020

An folgenden 12 Feiertagen bleibt die Botschaft der Republik Südafrika geschlossen:

  • Mi, 1. Januar, Neujahr
  • Fr, 10. April , Karfreitag
  • Mo, 13. April, Ostermontag
  • Mo, 27. April, Freedom Day (Nationalfeiertag)
  • Fr, 1. Mai, Tag der Arbeit
  • Fr, 8. Mai, Tag der Befreiung
  • Do, 21. Mai, Himmelfahrt
  • Mo, 1. Juni, Pfingstmontag
  • Di, 16. Juni, Youth Day/Tag der Jugend
  • Mo, 10. August, Frauentag/Women's Day
  • Mi, 16. Dezember, Day of Reconciliation/Tag der Versöhnung
  • Fr, 25. Dezember, Christmas Day/Weihnachten

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