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Südafrikanische Botschaft
Tiergartenstr. 18, 10785 Berlin
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Feiertage 2021

An folgenden 12 Feiertagen bleibt die Botschaft der Republik Südafrika geschlossen:

  • 1. Januar, Neujahr
  • 8. März, Internationaler Frauentag
  • 22. März, Menschenrechtstag (statt 21. März)
  • 2. April, Karfreitag
  • 5. April, Ostermontag
  • 27. April, Freedom Day (Nationalfeiertag)
  • 13. Mai, Himmelfahrt
  • 24. Mai, Pfingstmontag
  • 16. Juni, Youth Day/Tag der Jugend
  • 9. August, Frauentag/Women's Day
  • 24. September, Heritage Day
  • 27. Dezember, Day of Goodwill

    Konsular, Topnews, Botschaft

    20. Oktober 2021

    Remote Working Arrangements at the Consulate in Munich from Monday 18 January 2021 until further notice

    Kindly note that due to continuing high infection rates and persistently growing numbers of COVID-19 related death cases, the South African Consulate General, in its efforts to help curb the spread...

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    Topnews, Konsular, Botschaft

    20. Oktober 2021

    Provision of Civic and Immigration (Visa) Services in Berlin

    Please find below all the necessary information on the Berlin Embassy's provison of Civic and Immigration Services. Specific questions must be directed to the email address of the Consular Section...

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    Südafrika in Deutschland, Pressespiegel,...

    05. Oktober 2021

    South Africa Day 2021 in Stuttgart on 15 October 2021

    Africa is a continent of opportunity with enormous investment potential for Baden-Württemberg companies. At the same time, cooperation offers great opportunities for Africa to promote local jobs...

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    Botschaft, Politik, Südafrika in Deutschland,...

    24. September 2021

    Statement by H.E. Ambassador PS Sizani on the occasion of Heritage Day 2021 at the Embassy of the Republic of South Africa, Berlin

    My fellow South Africans, Dear friends of South Africa, Heritage Day on 24 September recognises and celebrates the cultural wealth of our nation. South Africans celebrate the day by remembering the...

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    Botschaft, Südafrika in Deutschland, Topnews,...

    07. September 2021

    Meeting with Ms Alison April, Director for Europe: Fundraising and Alumni Relations for the University of Stellenbosch

    Ms Alison April, Director for Europe: Fundraising and Alumni Relations for the University of Stellenbosch visited the Embassy today to share information and ideas on cooperation between the...

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