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11. January 2010

Press Release: Angola Attack

Berlin, 11.01.2010. The gun attack on Togo’s team bus in the Cabinda enclave of Angola on Friday, before the start of the African Nations Cup has deeply shocked players, officials and fans around the world.

The attack on Togo’s national soccer team in Angola has however no effect on the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. “South Africa is 100% ready to host the World Cup”, says Ambassador Sonwabo E. Funde of the Embassy of the Republic of South Africa in Berlin.

South African President Jacob Zuma who arrived in Luanda, Angola on Sunday, 10th of January 2010, emphasised that the shocking and unacceptable attack should not be blown out of proportion, but should serve as impetus for the African continent and the world at large to work even harder to rid the world of terrorist activity and violence wherever it surfaces.

Ambassador Funde added that it is important to note that the incident in Cabinda is not a reflection of the situation in the rest of Angola. “We must realise that what happened in that part of Angola cannot be compared with the situation in South Africa. Since the end of the Apartheid regime 15 years ago, South Africa has developed into a steady democracy with a striving economy and there is neither political conflict nor separatists groups.”, says Ambassador Funde.

South Africa has invested heavily in safety and security. Nothing will be left to chance in South Africa in terms of safety and security during the World Cup and long after the World Cup is over. A dedicated force of 41.000 newly recruited officers and over 200.000 officers in total will be deployed specifically for the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

The security concept used for the World Cup 2010 is a concept that will be used by the United Nations from now on for bigger events. It is based on four security zones around specific locations - such as the stadia. 

Four high-tech command centers will receive live footage from airplanes and other cameras. The Government has also invested in state-of-the art equipment, including crowd-control equipment, unmanned aircraft, helicopters, water cannons, fast cars for highway patrol and mobile body armour. Many of the cities like Johannesburg or Durban have in place an extensive network of cctv cameras.

Therefore the incident in Cabinda should not be used to cast doubt on the successful hosting of the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup by South Africa.

Sarah Poehlmann
Media and Communication

South African Embassy Berlin
Tiergartenstrasse 18
10785 Berlin - Germany

Email: PoehlmannS(at)


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