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22. April 2009

'SA elections the most competitive since 1994'

Political analysts say the changes in the South African political landscape over the past five months have made this year's elections the most competitive since 1994. The analysts believe that the breakaway of former African National Congress (ANC) members to form Congress of the People (COPE) could dent the ruling party's outright majority in some provinces.

The ruling party has always enjoyed massive support in the Eastern Cape, registering results above the 70 % mark in the past three elections. During the 1994 elections - the ANC registered an 84.3% - its highest results in the province ever.

The coming on to the scene of the United Democratic Movement in the 1999 elections saw that percentage dwindle to 73.9%. In the last elections in 2004, the ruling party shot up again reaching the 79.3% mark. Political fundis believe with COPE in this year's elections, the ANC's support in the province could take another dive, something which could make coalition government key, once the results are announced.



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