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27. November 2018

Mission at Work: Minister Plenipotentiary Cassimjee Attends Farewell of Rolf Brockschmidt, editor of the Tagesspiegel Supplements

On 27 November 2018, Minister Plenipotentiary Cassimjee attended the Farewell of Rolf Brockschmidt, editor of the Tagesspiegel Supplements, who even made it onto the Tagespiegel's front page on this...

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15. November 2018

Mission at Work: South Africa's Presence at the 53rd BME Symposium Purchasing and Logistics 2018

The 53rd BME Symposium Purchasing and Logistics, Europe's largest congress for purchasing, supply chain management and logistics, hosted by the German Association for Materials Management, Purchasing...

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08. November 2018

Mission at Work - Meeting with Natasha Morris of Awesome Work and Travel

Today Adv M.A. Cassimjee, Natasha Maharaj and Vusumzi Tshete, Department of Home Affairs, met with Natasha Morris, Director: Inbound, Awesome Work and Travel, which is based in Johannesburg and has...

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02. November 2018

Thank you tea for our stakeholders in the centenary celebrations for Nelson Mandela on 1 November 2018

Yesterday Minister Plenipotentiary Adv. MA Cassimjee invited the Embassy’s stakeholders of the events that were hosted to celebrate the legacy of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, to a thank you tea at the...

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19. October 2018

Panel discussion: "Nelson Mandela’s 100th Birthday Be the legacy!" at Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation on 16 October 2018

On Tuesday evening, under the theme, “Be the Legacy!”,   a high-level panel discussion was hosted in commemoration of Nelson Mandela‘s life and achievements, on the occasion of his 100th...

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18. October 2018

Ambassador Sizani officially receives Nelson Mandela's Honorary Doctorate from Leipzig University

On 11 October H.E. Ambassador Phumelele S. Sizani was invited to Leipzig University to officially be handed the Honorary Doctorate the former Karl-Marx-University had bestowed to Nelson Mandela back...

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16. October 2018

Newsletter 3/2018 - The latest Embassy Newsletter

Here is the link to our latest newsletter which is being sent out in this very moment to our subscribers! It is a quarterly newsletter, reflecting the Mission's events and activities of the past 3...

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