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South African – European Trade Relations

South African – European trade relations are of utmost importance to the South African economy. 38,5 % of SA’s global trade volume is generated with the EU (40.4% including the rest of Europe). Within the EU, the United Kingdom and Germany are South Africa’s most important trading partners.

Since the Trade and Development Cooperation Agreement (TDCA) took effect in the beginning of 2000, the trade relations between South Africa and Germany have undergone a very positive development in the past years. In 1999, Germany imported goods worth EUR 2,5 billion from the Cape and the volume increased by 63% until 2006. By 2001 it had already increased by 33,5% but then developed horizontally due to the revaluation of the Rand and the weak German economic situation and reached the volume of 2001 - EUR 3,2 billion - only in 2004 again. In 2006, South Africa exported goods worth EUR 4.126 billion to Germany. With an increase in exports to Germany of 10,2%, the first half of 2007 again shows a clear upward trend.

Besides traditional export commodities such as gold, coal and minerals, many manufactured goods are making a growing contribution to South Africa’s exports to Germany.  These include automotive components and spare parts,  pumps and aircraft parts. Additional information is available from the DTIC at Email:


German-South African Imports/ Export Figures for 2006
German imports from SA: Euro 4126,7 mil (22% increase over 2005);
German exports to SA: Euro 7374,0 mil (10,4% increase over 2005);

German-South African Imports/ Export Figures for 2005
German imports from SA: Euro 3377,5 mil.
German exports to SA: Euro 6679,7 mil.

Source: Statistisches Bundesamt 


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