Südafrika in Deutschland

22. Juni 2017

SA Arts: Thabo Thindi Exhibition "A 3rd World Soul in a 1st World Pandemonium" in Berlin

In his upcoming exhibtion the South African indie photographer and filmmaker, Thabo Thindi describes the existence of a third world soul in the pandemonium of a first world, a place of turmoil and chaos. Questions of social change, social justice and the role of the artist linked with questions of exile, migration and belonging are central themes in his work.

+ In a series of interviews entitled "Exile Faces" Thabo Thindi portrays South Africans of his parents’ generation who rebelled against the apartheid regime and were forced into exile.

+ In the photographic series "A 3rd World Soul in a 1st World Pandemonium" the artist documents himself and kindred spirits on intensive forays through the streets of Berlin.

+ In the photographic series "Home as Tourist" he addresses the feeling of having become a foreigner in South Africa and examines his perception of “home”, how it has changed and been stereotyped.

// Gallery - EINUNDZWANZIGZWÖLF - Lausitzer Platz 1 - 10997 Berlin //

// Vernissage // with live music & south african wines //
23.06.2017 // 19h

From 24th of June to the 22nd of July you will be able to visit the exhibition in the gallery EINUNDZWANZIGZWÖLF in Lausitzer Platz, Kreuzberg, close to metro station U1 Görlitzer Bahnhof.

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