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14. September 2010

SA stars promote values through Hopeville movie

The Hopeville movie was filmed in Waterval Boven, Mpumalanga, where the community swimming pool was delapidated and out of use in real life.
Hopeville is the uplifting story of Amos Manyoni, a recovering alcoholic who moves to a rundown rural town in the hope of etching out a new life with his alienated son, Themba.

It's a story that cluthes at and searches for hope in the midst of the grinding challenges facing South Africans each and every day. Amos Manyoni's choices and ultimate outcome will inspire South Africans to live according to higher values. Hopeville will be shown on 43 digital screens across the country from 3rd September.

“Amos’s story is one of a man trying to put his life together and win his son back. It’s a journey that will touch a lot of people, as we see somebody trying to put things right,” said Themba Ndaba, who plays the lead.

In the face of a corrupt municipality, dark community secrets and apparent apathy, Amos finds meaning in his mission to restore the derelict public swimming pool. This is also in a bid to restore the damaged relationship with his son Themba, played by Junior Singo, who is an upcoming swimming star deeply unhappy that he now has to stay with his estranged father after his mother’s untimely death. Amos’s “service” is initially met with skepticism from both Themba and the community, and frustrating resistance from the authorities, but eventually his perseverance inspires the community of Hopeville to act on their convictions.

“All of us have a place that we can fix within ourselves, our families or our communities. That little bit that you can do, do it. It doesn’t matter how small. Do something to make a difference,” said Ndaba. “And watch Hopeville to get some hope!” he added.

The cast is made up of many established South African movie and television stars who have added their voices to the call for a values-based South African society. The two-faced mayor of Hopeville is played by Desmond Dube, with Terry Pheto (of Tsotsi fame) as his illegal immigrant mistress. The Lab’s Fana Mokoena is a corrupt cop, and the town’s misunderstood “racist” is played by Paul Luckhoff, who featured in Stander and Triomf. Jody Abrahams, Leleti Khumalo, Mary Twala, Isadora Verwey, Wilmien Rossouw, Glen Gabela and Jonathan Pienaar also feature.

Hopeville was filmed in the picturesque town of Waterval Boven in Mpumalanga after Art Director Karel Flint visited more than 70 small towns throughout South Africa in search of the perfect location. It is a story of restoration, reconciliation and hope in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges.

Hopeville is the feature film inspired by the popular TV Series Hopeville that was screened on SABC 2 in 2009. This series has been nominated in the category of Drama and Mini–Series for the prestigious Rose d’Or global television festival awards, one of the most important annual events in the international television industry. The winners will be announced during the 50th Rose d’Or festival, which will take place in Lucerne, Switzerland in September 2010.

Director John Trengove  also served as Head writer on  the production. Trengove has directed for numerous award-winning television series' such as The Lab and Bay of Plenty. Trengove’s vision of Hopeville was executed by Director of Photography, Willie Nel.

Distributed by Humble Pie Entertainment, commissioned by Heartlines and SABC Education and produced by award-winning production house Curious Pictures, Hopeville aims to encourage values in action. The theatrical release also coincides with the launch of the Heartlines' Movement for Good.

Hopeville Creative Team
Director and Head Writer: John Trengove
Director of Photography: Willie Nel
Production Designer: Karel Flint
Casting Director: Moonyeenn Lee
Editors: Jan Botha ,Karyn Bosch and Bridgette Fahey-GoldSmith, Melanie Janks-Golden
Music by: Murray Anderson
Written by: Darrel Bristow-Bovey; Jacqui L’ange; Libby Dougherty; Mpho Osei-Tutu; Neil Mccarthy; Nick Borraine; Salah Sabiti
Story created by: Michele Rowe and Roger Smith

Source: SA - The Good News



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