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SA Citizen Register


The South African Missions are in the process of compiling a reliable database of South African citizens living in Germany. As a South African citizen living in Germany, it would be appreciated, if you could complete the online registration form.

By registering, the Embassy is assisted in determining how many citizens are abroad in a city, town or region in Germany. It assists missions to plan and to be able to contact you and your family in South Africa in an event of an evacuation, natural disaster, family emergency etc. Furthermore, your contact details will be available to provide you with information relating to Embassy events, registration for general election, etc.

Please note that this is a voluntary exercise, and we would like to stress that all information contained on the form is for the sole use of the Embassy in Berlin and Consulate General in Munich. Hence the information provided will be handled as strictly confidential and will not be divulged to other persons or institutions. The Embassy website uses secure encryption to safeguard your privacy and therefore any unauthorised interception by third parties of the information you send via the internet is unlikely. However, the Embassy does not accept responsibility for any such interception.

Registration through the Embassy website is NOT considered proof of South African citizenship. If you apply for any service from the Embassy in Berlin of Consulate General in Munich, you will be asked by staff to provide proof of your South African citizenship, such as a valid South African passport or bar coded identity document.

Upon your permanent departure from Germany, we also kindly request you to inform us thereof, so that your name may be removed from the registration list. It would also be appreciated, if you could forward and/or inform any other South African friends and family living in Germany of the online registration form.

Kind regards
Consular Section
Embassy of the Republic of South Africa

Registrations of South Africans Currently Residing in Germany

Registrations of South Africans Currently Residing in Germany

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