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16. November 2021

Call for Bids: Request for a service provider to provide estimates for building condition assessment for two houses

Herewith the Embassy would like to request estimates for a building condition assessment for two houses in Bonn, which you kindly offer separately for each house. Below are the terms of reference for the services required: Terms of Reference

Any questions arising during the bidding process should be addressed in writing to Ms N. MkoroanaMkoroanaN(at) or by telephone at 030 220 73135; or to Tekam(at), by telephone at 030 220 73130.

Any questions that arise regarding the completion of the documents are to be directed in writing to Ms N. MkoroanaMkoroanaN(at); by telephone at 030 220 73135.

Please send your quotations to Embassy of the Republic of South Africa, Tiergartenstraße 18, 10785 Berlin, by post or hand delivered or by email to: MkoroanaN(at) or Tekam(at) Ms N. Mkoroana. 

Please send your quotations to Ms N. Mkoroana by no later than 26 November 2021



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