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12. July 2017

SA Mission at Work: Eastern Cape & Lower Saxony Cooperation Discussed

On Monday Ms Inger Steffen, the new Representative of Lower Saxony to the Eastern Cape province, paid a courtesy visit to Minister-Plenipotentiary Adv Cassimjee prior to her assuming her new post. Minister-Plenipotentiary Adv Cassimjee and Ms Steffen discussed the excellent state of cooperation between the Eastern Cape and Lower Saxony.

Since 1995, Lower Saxony and the Eastern Cape in South Africa have maintained a vibrant partnership, marked by a wide number of projects and an active culture of visits. The signing of a new joint declaration during the visit of the deputy prime minister of Lower Saxony, Stefan Wenzel, in October 2015, the year of the 20th anniversary, demonstrated the wish of both regions to remain committed to continuing the partnership. When the cooperation first began, the key objective was to promote the development of efficient and democratic administrative structures at a provincial level and to establish cooperation in the areas of business, education and tourism. The partnership was continuously developed and nowadays notably covers scientific cooperation, youth exchanges, sport, renewable energy and agriculture.

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