Südafrika in Deutschland

25. Oktober 2019

South Africa in Berlin: Mandela - The Official Exhibition, Bikini Berlin, 19.10.2019 - 15.03.2020

Taking place from 19 October 2019 to 15 March 2020 at Bikini Berlin (Budapester Str. 38-50, 10787 Berlin), this impressive, multivisiual exhibition has been co-produced by Mandela's grandson, Nkosi Zwelivelile Mandela, and includes numerous approaches that address current societal challenges. It tells the grand story of a freedom fighter who strived to fulfill his aim to unite a divided nation and inspire the world. Visitors learn more about Nelson Mandela’s childhood, and incredible talent to set a good example of how people of different backgrounds, colour and origin became part of his government and his life. Many of these stories and observations are first-hand.


Photo credit: Tim Marks

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