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28. Oktober 2011

Cape Town is awarded Design Capital 2014

Press release:

Since 26 of October it is a fact: Cape Town will become Design Capital 2014 ahead of the cities of Bilbao and Dublin.

The renowned title “World Design Capital” is awarded every two years from the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (CSID).
It takes into consideration the special considerations a city puts towards “design” when it comes to its social, cultural and economical development.

For Cape Town this nomination comes at a perfect moment since the city is increasingly working towards sustainable economic growth and attracting more international visitors.

It has been only recently that Cape Town Tourism has presented its new marketing strategy and their global marketing campaign. The strategy and campaign are in harmony with the intention for the application of Cape Town as World Design Capital: to create stronger interest and more demand for the destination Cape Town.

At Cape Town Tourism the news was greeted with great enthusiasm. CEO, Mariette du Toit-Helbold says: “This is the biggest achievement of Cape Town since hosting the FIFA World Cup. It will be a great motivation for the design, the public and the private sector."

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