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03. Juli 2013

South Africa’s second term as member of the Security Council (2011 – 2012) - An overview

In October 2010, South Africa was elected to serve a second term on the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). Our candidacy was endorsed by the African Union (AU) and we received 182 votes during...

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17. April 2012

South Africa's Response to the Developments in Syria: The South African Government welcomes the entering into effect of the ceasefire arrangement in Syria

14 April 2012. The Deputy Minister for International Relations and Cooperation Mr Ebrahim Ebrahim noted that the situation in Syria remains fragile and reiterated South Africa’s call for all sides to...

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06. Februar 2012

South Africa’s stance regarding UN Security Council vote on Syria

Press Release

The South African Government remains deeply concerned about the political, security, socio-economic and humanitarian situation in Syria that continues to escalate despite...

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13. Januar 2012

South African Government welcomes UN Security Council Resolution 2033

Pretoria, 13 January 2012

The South African Government has welcomed the United Nations Security Council’s (UNSC’s) unanimous adoption on 12 January 2012 of Resolution 2033, which urges for...

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04. Januar 2012

Important international relations events to note for the month of January 2012

22 December 2011 The month of January 2012 will be marked by several high-level events in the international relations calendar. These include, amongst others, South Africa...

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06. Dezember 2011

South Africa supports UNSC resolution 2023 on Eritrea

The United Nations Security Council has taken a decision to place additional sanctions on Eritrea "for continuing to provide support to armed groups seeking to destabilize Somalia and...

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05. Dezember 2011

The Official Statement of the Republic of South Africa on the "International Afghanistan Conference" in Bonn, December 2011

The Republic of South Africa welcomes the positive developments that have taken place over the last few months in Afghanistan. These include the progress made in the implementation of the Kabul...

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