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01. März 2013


Pretoria - The South African Police Service is a constitutionally based institution of the South African Government that is there to ensure the safety and security of citizens. It was thus, with extreme shock and outrage that we witnessed the incident that unfolded in Daveyton on Tuesday the 26 February 2013. From the video which has gone viral, it is obvious that the rights of Mido Macia were violated in the most extreme form.  The behaviour displayed in that video, when it is committed by Police who are expected to serve and protect, is to be abhorred by all right thinking people.
The SAPS management regrets the incident that led to the death of Mr Mido Macia and we would like to assure the country and the world that, that what is in the video is not how the SAPS in a democratic South Africa goes about its work.
I have therefore, instructed the Acting Provincial Commissioner of Gauteng Province, Major- General Gela to immediately suspend all policemen that were involved in the incident. I have also instructed that the officers involved be disarmed. Further, I have instructed that an internal investigation in terms of the SAPS disciplinary procedures be initiated immediately. We are also removing the current Station Commander of Daveyton Police Station from his position so that investigations can proceed uninhibited.
The Independent Police Investigative Directorate is already busy with its investigation in regards to the matter. I would like to assure the IPID and the country that the SAPS will give IPID any support it needs in order for them to conduct their investigation. As stated above, the officers will be suspended with immediate effect. The suspensions are intended inter alia, to enable IPID to conduct its investigation unhindered and without any hindrance from any quarter.
We fully support the principle of police being policed and we shall be transparent about the outcome of the investigation. We thank the community in advance for bringing to our attention and the attention of the public the callous act that we all witnessed. We urge any witness to come forward and co-operate with the investigation. Witnesses are requested to contact the IPID investigating officer Mr Ramadwa at 011-220 1500 or 072 360 3838.
On behalf of the SAPS management and SAPS as a whole, we extend our sincere condolences to the Macia family.
The conduct of the members clearly goes against the values that the SAPS represent. All SAPS members are expected to respect and uphold the law at all times and avoid at all costs any conduct that makes us violators of the law. The SAPS distances itself from any member who does not uphold the code of conduct and the ethos of the SAPS. The behaviour of the suspended members is therefore condemned in the strongest terms.
Enquiries: Brigadier Phuti Setati
Contact number: 0027 82 778 4312
Date: 01 March 2013

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