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29. Januar 2019

Mission at Work: Ambassador Sizani Attends Lecture by Brian Currin: The state of South Africa

On 29 January 2019, Ambassador Sizani, Minister Plenipotentiary and Counsellor Basson attended a Lunch Talk at the Robert Bosch Academy with the Academy's current Richard von Weizsäcker Fellow Brian Currin: The state of South Africa – On Its Way to Where?

In describing South Africa's challenges, Currin says, “the transition from extractive colonial exploitation and a vicious dictatorship to a mature and deep democracy can never be a matter of simply turning the page. Breaking down walls is much easier than building relationships and trust; quintessential ingredients for building a nation”. While mentioning some of the challenges facing SA he but also focussed on many of the positive features about SA, including celebrating 25 years of democracy as a nation, the strong judiciary, adherence to the rule of law , the strong banking sector and the inspirational legacy of Madiba amongst others.

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