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23. Januar 2012

ICT Seminar at the Embassy

Berlin, 17 January 2012. The Embassy of the Republic of South Africa hosted a one-day seminar arranged by the South African Department of Science and Technology (DST) to showcase South Africa’s strengths in the area of science and technology and to further investigate and identify the vast potential for cooperation with their German counterparts.

The event is aimed specifically at promoting collaboration opportunities for German researchers in South Africa's ICT and Climate Change research programmes, with the further view of strengthening research collaboration between German and South African researchers in the two areas. The science and technology road show will also visit the UK, Netherlands and France.

The seminar was also in preparation for the South Africa-German Year of Science, a joint cooperation project between the Department of Science and Technology and the Federal Ministry for Education and Research that is scheduled to be launched in April 2012 in Cape Town.   The seminar is a further confirmation of the excellent cooperation between South Africa and Germany in the field of science and research.  This relationship was formalized in 2006 with the establishment of the Binational Commission and where a Working Group on Science and Technology was established. The seminar will further contribute to the meeting of the next Binational Commission planned for 2012 in Berlin, Germany. 

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