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08. June 2017

Ambassador Sizani meets SA curator of the Berlin Biennale 2018, Gabi Ngcobo

One of South Africa's most famous contemporary art curators, Gabi Ngcobo, visited the Embassy last week, paying a courtesy visit to Ambassador Sizani. Gabi Ngcobo has been appointed as the curator of the upcoming 10th Berlin Biennale, taking place from June 9th to September 9th 2018 at various venues in Berlin. She shared with Ambassador that she was not trying to work on an all-embracing topic, but rather on an artistic position, and that the 10th Berlin Biennale would be imagined and shaped in conversation with artists and contributors who think and act beyond art, confronting the incessant anxieties perpetuated through the misunderstanding of complex subjectivities. Facing the current widespread state of collective psychosis, and starting from the position of Europe, Germany, and Berlin as a city in dialogue with the world, the curatorial process will be selective, non-comprehensive and will not provide a coherent reading of histories or the present of any kind.


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